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  • Petroleum resins Raw Materials Powder 64742-16-1

    • Petroleum resins Raw Materials Powder 64742-16-1
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    • Petroleum resins Raw Materials Powder 64742-16-1 quality testing
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    Product Overview:

    Petroleum resins are named for their origin as petroleum derivatives. They are characterized by low acid value, good miscibility, resistance to water, ethanol and chemicals, chemical stability to acids and alkalis, and good viscosity regulation and thermal stability. Petroleum resin is generally not used alone, but as an accelerator, regulator, modifier and other resins used together.

    Petroleum resins Raw Materials Powder 64742-16-1 Attributes

    Petroleum resins Raw Materials Powder





    Specification: 99% min Petroleum resins Powder

    Sample:Petroleum resins

    Packaging:1kg/bag, 25kg/drum

    Brand: Henrikang


    Storage: Cool Dry Place

    Shelf Life: 2 Years

    Test Method: HPLC

    Petroleum resins Raw Materials Powder 64742-16-1 Details

    Petroleum resins Powder Usage and Synthesis.

    A, paint paint mainly use high softening point C9 petroleum resin, DCPD resin, C5/C9 copolymerization resin, paint add petroleum resin can increase paint gloss, improve film adhesion, hardness, acid resistance, alkali resistance.

    B, rubber rubber mainly use low softening point of C5 petroleum resin, C5/C9 copolymerization resin and DCPD resin. Such resins and natural rubber pellets have good mutual solubility, no major impact on the rubber vulcanization process, rubber in the addition of petroleum resin can play a viscosity, reinforcement, softening effect.

    In particular, the addition of C5/C9 copolymer resin can not only increase the adhesion between the rubber grains, but also improve the adhesion between the rubber grains and the cord, for radial tires and other high demand for rubber products.

    C, the adhesive industry, petroleum resins have good adhesive properties, in the adhesive and pressure-sensitive adhesive tape to add petroleum resins can improve adhesive bonding, acid resistance, alkali resistance and water resistance, and can effectively reduce production costs.

    D. Petroleum resin for ink industry, mainly high softening point C9 petroleum resin, DCPD resin.

    resin, DCPD resin. The addition of petroleum resin to ink can play a role in color spreading, fast drying, brightening effect, and improve printing performance.

    E, paint industry road signs and road marking paint, petroleum resin on concrete or asphalt pavement has good adhesion, and wear resistance and water resistance, and inorganic substances have good affinity, easy to coat, good weather resistance, fast drying, high firmness, and can improve the physical and chemical properties of the layer, improve UV resistance and weather resistance. At present, the petroleum resin road marking paint gradually tends to the mainstream, the demand is rising year by year.

    Petroleum resins powder

    Uses and functions of Petroleum resins.

    Petroleum resins are polymer compounds obtained from the cracking of petroleum and are used in a wide range of applications. There are many types of petroleum resins, which can be classified into five categories according to the different raw materials for polymerization. Petroleum resins can be used in the manufacture of adhesives, coatings, inks, rubber products and so on.

    Among them, DCPD hydrogenated petroleum resins are mainly used for high-end rubber products, such as radial tires and racing tires.

    The properties of petroleum resins include good viscosity building, compatibility, thermal stability and light stability, which can improve the adhesive bonding performance of adhesives, improve the permeability of coatings to cement and steel, enhance the wettability of pigments, and improve the leveling of the coating film.

    Pharmacological effect of Petroleum resins.

    Product method of Bulk Petroleum resins Powder.

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