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    Types of Tablet Drug Coating Materials | China Pharmaceutical Film Coating Factory. Wholesale Drug Coating Materials | Drug Film Coating from China, providing high quality drug and drug film coating.
    Drug packaging is the earliest preparation, focusing on the preparation and harmony, in terms of cleanliness, in functionality, mainly coating, mainly, mainly, the main main material, the main tablet, and the packaging agent. Discoloration, softening and other phenomena Research and development, and conducted special research on the packaging characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine. Hot-selling products are:
    Chitosan gelatin, magnesium oxide (Drug Coating Material), hypromellose (Drug Coating Material), ethyl cellulose suspension (pharmaceutical excipient), polyacrylic resin emulsion (enteric-coated type) (Pharmaceutical Film Coatings), polysorbate 80 (for injection) (Pharmaceutical Film Coatings).
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