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  • 2-chlorobenzonitrile Raw materials Powder CAS:873-32-5

    • 2-chlorobenzonitrile Raw materials Powder CAS:873-32-5
    • 2-chlorobenzonitrile Raw materials Powder CAS:873-32-5 storehouse
    • 2-chlorobenzonitrile Raw materials Powder CAS:873-32-5 quality testing
    • 2-chlorobenzonitrile Raw materials Powder CAS:873-32-5 quality testing
    • 2-chlorobenzonitrile Raw materials Powder CAS:873-32-5 certificate

    Product Overview:

    Organic synthesis intermediates. Mainly used in the synthesis of 2-cyano-4-nitroaniline, an intermediate of dyes, and in the synthesis of nitroquine, a new anti-malarial drug, in the pharmaceutical industry.

    2-chlorobenzonitrile Raw materials Powder CAS:873-32-5 Attributes

    Natural 2-chlorobenzonitrile Raw materials Powder






    Specification: 99% min 2-chlorobenzonitrile Powder

    Sample:2-chlorobenzonitrile Powder

    Packaging:1kg/bag, 25kg/drum

    Brand: Henrikang


    Storage: Store at -20°C

    Shelf Life: 2 Years

    Test Method: HPLC

    2-chlorobenzonitrile Raw materials Powder CAS:873-32-5 Details

    2-chlorobenzonitrile Powder Usage and Synthesis.

    O-chlorobenzonitrile is an important intermediate for organic synthesis, and its downstream applications include BIT, disperse dyes and sartans, etc. The total domestic demand is more than 30,000 tons. Isothiazolinone fungicides are one of the main applications in industrial water treatment, paper making, daily chemical and other end-use industries. O-chlorobenzonitrile is also used in the production of isothiazolinone derivatives and their compound products, including CIT/MIT, MIT, OIT, DCOIT, BIT and other major series of products.

    2-chlorobenzonitrile Powder

    Uses of 2-chlorobenzonitrile.

    o-Chlorobenzonitrile is an organic compound with molecular formula C6H4ClN and molecular weight 126.55, which is mainly used in organic synthesis, such as for the synthesis of pesticides, pharmaceuticals, dyes and so on.

    The boiling point of o-chlorobenzonitrile is 130.5℃, vapor density is 3.2, flash point is 43℃. In addition, o-chlorobenzonitrile is flammable, flammable when exposed to open flame, high temperature, oxidizing agent, and will produce toxic phosgene when exposed to heat.

    When storing, it should be stored in a well-ventilated place and avoided to be separated from oxidizers and acids. O-chlorobenzonitrile, with the trade names of Kangkuan and Odeton, is a kind of micro-toxic and high efficient new insecticide, which is effective against lepidopteran pests.


    Preparation of 2-chlorobenzonitrile.

    The o-toluene is metered and enters the o-toluene vaporizer. Liquid ammonia cylinder decompression vaporization, through the flow meter metering into the ammonia heater. Air is pressurized by an air compressor, then metered through a flow meter and enters the reactor together with o-chlorotoluene and ammonia. After the reaction, the o-chlorobenzonitrile product will be captured by the trap, and the tail gas and waste water will enter the three-waste treatment section.

    2-chlorobenzonitrile raw materials

    Product Method of Bulk 2-chlorobenzonitrile Powder.

    Obtained by the reaction of o-chlorobenzoic acid and urea: mix o-chlorobenzoic acid, sulfamic acid and urea and then heat to about 140 ° C to melt, and then react violently under stirring and release a large number of gases, and the temperature automatically rises to 220-230 ° C, and the reaction is 2 h. Then cooled to 15 ° C or less, filtered, and then washed with 3% ammonia and water to neutral, and then dried to obtain the finished product.

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